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Review Generation taking reviewers straight to the Apps on mobile devices

As a partner, I would like it if when a customer receives an email request for a review and it is opened on a phone or tablet, that the system would search for and open the Facebook/Google Maps/Trip Advisor app instead of directing them to the website.

The reason for this is simple but would make the system far more effective. That is that people are typically logged in via the apps on their mobile devices all the time, so, when clicking on the leave a review action, it can open up directly in the place they can leave the review. Equally, people are not typically logged in on handsets and tablets to the website version of these tools and they then need to log in to leave a review. This creates a barrier to leaving the review as they then need to remember their login, password, etc input these and login first. Many people I know simply don’t remember this or can’t be bothered having to log into yet another site just to do something for someone else, so the bounce rate at this stage is very high and the end result is a valuable positive review does not get posted. If we can make this as seamless and convenient for the person leaving the review, the system will become more valuable and successful at what it is intended to do.

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Released  ·  AdminAndrew Tremblay (Product Manager, Vendasta) responded  · 


We’re please to announce that we have now released this feature. When a customer clicks on the link provided to them and have Google and Facebook as an application that is installed, they will be directed to the application instead of the webpage. We are hoping to see this increase the number of reviews left by your client’s customers, especially via SMS. Other apps such as Trip Advisor will we look into as we monitor the results of this change.

If you have any feedback about this release, please feel free to reach out to me.


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello, I am unsure how this process works, but when generating the leads through SMS it has to be easy. And currently you have to log in. This presents issues, unlike the email reviews in which someone is auto logged in. I found this to be the case in testing.

  • Brayden commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently when asking for reviews via SMS for Google, the contact is directed to the Google Maps listing, and is required to navigate to the leave a review page.

    I would like to see the link in the SMS Review Request direct the client directly to the leave a review page in order to eliminate some of this added navigation.

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